July 01, 2004

So I hear...

Waashingtoniennnneee (misspelled to throw off Google searches) has a book deal. Six figures. Nice...Glad to see being a PROSTITUTE pays well.

What is the demographic for this anyway? Teen girls? I can't imagine that anyone with a real job and respect for themselves looks up to her and says .... Gee, here's a person I respect a lot, let me read her book and see what I can learn. Not. I'm going to guess we're talking soft-porn type of material...So more dirty old men, like her customers (or dirty young men...IQ is the same regardless of the age category you put them in).

You can be sure I won't be purchasing or even browsing thru.

(Note that I'd have linked the site where I read about it, but I don't want to send any traffic easily her way and I don't want google searches for her bringing people here)

UPDATE: Michele says it well here too...


Andrew said...

Prostitution always pays. Some prostitutes just get paid better than others. :)

Anonymous said...

If a woman wants to sell her body and can make a living off of it without having to rely on a man or welfare, why not?
It's the womans body and I personally know women who have put themselves through college dancing in strip clubs and prostitution.
They are not ashamed and are now making a "legal" living with college degrees.
More power to 'em I say.