July 01, 2004

State Police...

Ok - I'm minding my own business, driving to work this morning...I'm getting near the exit/toll booth where my office is. I see that the ramp is all backed up. This is a bit unusual, this ramp is not usually congested this much. Hmmm..

As I get closer to the booth (rolling at about .5 mph) I see what the holdup is - a state police officer stopping each car as it goes thru so he can check if the plates are expired or if the inspection is expired. Nice choice of locations - right on the ramp of a busy highway.

Northern VA has the worst or second worst traffic IN THE NATION. Do we really need the police making it WORSE?? Come on now, really.

Usually the police in this area do this on a busy side street, which doesn't cause too much extra traffic or in the parking lot of something busy, like a 7-11, since they get a lot of cars that way. But on the #%@^#@ highway? Please.

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