July 31, 2004

Saturday Post...

Had a nice slow morning...slept in until 8:30 (Hubby got up with son) then we went for a walk around neighborhood - boy is it hot when the sun's out!

Came back, son played in his kiddie pool, then we had lunch. Now son & hubby having nap - nothing too exciting around here!

I started working on the Creative Memories album I am doing for son and realized that I don't have all the Christmas pics printed out that I want. We use SnapFish for our picture developing and for some reason, I don't have all the Christmas pics - I don't think I would've only ordered some of the good ones - if I ordered any, shouldn't I have all the good ones? Ugh. I can't check from our father-in-law's house (where we are Friday - Monday) because we're on dialup. Oh well.

That's the daily report from Round Hill, VA.

If anyone has any good book suggestions, send'em my way!

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