July 25, 2004

Our weekend...

I don't work on Fridays, so I have extra time w/my son, so our weekend starts on Friday!

Friday - son and I hung out, recovering from his cold. Hubby had enough hours to take the day off, so we just hung out! Hubby worked on pond he is creating for his father...it's been very frustrating for him - it's supposed to be a two level pond, but it keeps leaking. Hubby thinks he got it fixed today.

Saturday - Hubby works on pond. Son and I play. Go to buy goldfish for pond in torrential rainstorm. Come home - put in water treatment chemicals and fish (into pond). Note that water is so "cloudy" cannot see 8 really-orange fish. Then off to dinner - The Golden Corral in Winchester. We love this buffet. They have shrimp on the weekends and son eats for free! Which brings me to Michele's post (doesn't it always) about buffets

5 annoying things about last night's buffet dinner
  • people staring at the food trying to decide if they want it, holding up the line
  • forgetting to bring a fresh plate w/me up to buffet bar - they should leave them there for the taking
  • people who use the same serving utensil for other foods - there-by mixing food one w/food two - what if I don't like foods one and two mixed? Or for those who know me well, what if I don't like food one and now you've mixed it into food two?
  • stinky people
  • the smoking section of that restaurant - it's like the restaurant is having smoke brought in, it's so smokey over there (I only know because that's where the bathrooms are)

    so there!

    Today is hubby's 33rd bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! I love you and always will! Wasn't it nice of son to tell you what your gift was when you got out of bed? Always the considerate one, he was trying to save you the trouble of opening it!
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