July 21, 2004

Note to stupid driver...

Ok - so yesterday, there are two terrible accidents in our area - one in which a pregnant woman lost both her unborn baby and the toddler in the carseat - the driver of the car that caused the huge pileup that injured 6 other people was reading a map. He is being charged with Reckless Driving - is that ALL? That is stunning - he KILLED a toddler through his specific actions and decision to whip out a map while driving on busy highway where the speed limit is 55 mph.

So today, after counting my blessings last night that I can still hug my son and hubby close to me, I see a stupid idiot driving in the left lane of the Toll Road, during heavy rush hour, READING A BOOK at 50 mph (which is 20 mph slower than the other traffic all around him). What the F*CK is his problem - does he have NO CLUE that he could kill someone that way? Kill multiple people? There are enough crazy, insane aggressive drivers around here that us regular people need to be paying attention, not driving AND reading an F---ing book!

Please people - pay attention! Our lives depend on it....and heaven help the idiot that hits me and causes my family harm if they happen to be reading a book when it happens.

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