July 13, 2004

More activists (or big babies)...

Michele has this post about people trying to create confusion during the RNC convention...they're going to cause false alarms from the bomb sniffing dogs by having traces of ammoniumn nitrate and gunpowder. Yeah, that's a good idea. Cause the dogs to get burned out for all these false alarms so that when a real bomber comes thru, he's not noticed. That's brilliant...did they pool their 2 collective brain cells to come up with that one? Do they not understand the significance of having a bomb go off? Did they not even have the sense of self-preservation that they might still be there when a real bomb comes thru the door?

I really hope there is not a terrorist attack that day...but if there is, I hope there are plenty of these stupid activists standing around to 'feel the impact'. And I also hope they throw all their butts in jail. Don't these people have anything better to do, like WORK?

Stupid idiots.

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