July 30, 2004

Friday Update...

Today's my day with son again...so we've been busy, well, playing. We did take a walk around the neighborhood, where we saw some moving trucks and diggers. Now son is taking a little nap.

Not much new with us - the guy we have to do the electrical stuff thru for our new house is charging a TON for little things - HD antenna prewire, $600. Really? To run wires in a house that's not built, which makes it easy? Come on! $125 per phone jack - damn!

I didn't watch John Kerry's speech - he is so annoying to me I can't stand to see or hear him. Edwards is annoying too, but not quite so much that I won't even browse the channels when I think he's on.

I watched the new series "BodyWork" on the Discovery Channel. It was a pretty good show - the only part I didn't like was when the docs did Botox on themselves. I understand they want to look good just like everyone else, but I don't think I'm ready to see that. A young girl got a nose job, which turned out fabulous! A young man who had had a gastric bypass had a tummy tuck essentially to get rid of the excess skin and tighten the muscles (I am hoping for one of this when I'm done having kids...I could use a little trim there)...A breast cancer survivor had her breasts reconstructed - apparently they did a good job, they didn't show a full shot of her exposed breasts. But with clothes on, she looked great. As she said, she didn't want "stripper boobs", just nice ones that fit her frame. She did look great. She also got an eyelid lift. Now this could just be me, or a piece I saw once about a girl that had an eyelid lift that the DR screwed up, but I don't think I'm letting anyone operate on my eyes. They're my eyes...you can't get new ones, at least not easily. The girl I saw in the piece on a different show that had the surgery-gone-wrong couldn't close her eyes - so she was in a lot of pain w/chronically dry eyes. It was terrible. I don't think I'd risk that either.

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