July 08, 2004

Shame, shame...

Ok - anyone that watches college football (and anyone like me, who does not generally watch college football, but is a huge VirginiaTech fan) saw the news about Marcus Vick. I am stunned and amazed that someone with such HUGE opportunities for fame and fortune, who only a few years ago (before brother Michael signed w/NFL) was poor, would blow all chances so easily, for such stupid crap.

Earlier (I don't remember if it was last year, but I think it was) he was arrested for providing alcohol to minors (they were 15) as well as some more serious charges that were dropped. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a ~$2500 fine. VirginiaTech had just announced (the day before the news that he'd been ticketed) that they'd be suspending him for 3 games, but would let him play after that.

He was ticketed for reckless driving and possession of marijuana. STUPID. He was apparently also driving a new 2005 Chrysler (not his old car, a 2004 Cadillac Escalade) when the cop pulled him over for driving 21 mph over the posted speed limit when the officer smelled pot.

Damn. Stupid.

Now, one could say that college kids will be college kids. Fine, maybe they all smoke a little pot. But don't goddamn do it while you're driving, dumbass. Not only is it illegal, you could kill someone else or another entire family in a car accident. Or kill/seriously injure yourself. It would be a shame if the news story was "Marcus Vick, paralyzed in car accident". Thank goodness he was stopped before any of that could happen.

It is amazing what happens to people. I have heard (and still hear) that Michael Vick is a very smart guy (on and off the field), very humble, and committed to generally being a good person, upstanding citizen, and helping his mother and family since he now has the means to do so. Marcus, I had heard, had more football talent that Michael. Well, for the 2004 fall season, he'll sit on the bench, if he's allowed in the stadium. A year's of experience and exposure down the toilet.
I hope he gets his act together...the Vick family story is a great one - started w/the things Michael and Marcus' mother did to make sure her boys got into school. I hope Marcus turns it around into a great college and pro career and gets his life back on track.

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