July 07, 2004


Ok - I read this post at The Command Post about the Edwards stance on issues (which only count if something happens to Kerry and Edwards becomes Pres)...

I think his (their) definition of an income that defines wealthy is a bit skewed. A couple filing taxes w/an income of $200,000 might be wealthy in some areas, certainly NOT my area, Northern Virginia.

A single family home, on 1/5 of an acre, that is 25 years old, about 900 square feet is going for $320,000. A townhouse, 1800 square feet, 1 car garage is going for $353,000. These homes are being sold the minute they go on the market because the real estate market is so hot and making prices craze, that 1/3 of a million dollars for a townhouse actually seems reasonable. How does a family pay for the home, the outrageous real estate taxes on the home and any vehicles, pay taxes, pay into Social Security (which is pretty much like throwing money in the toilet at this point), pay for living expenses, etc? If a family is lucky enough (meaning works hard, both parents full-time) to earn that much...they don't deserve tax breaks?

But people who are on welfare, who don't pay taxes deserve a child tax credit (which happened for the 2003 tax year)?

I don't disagree that wealthy people shouldn't have tax cuts...I just disagree with where they are drawing the line.

On Social Security:
Apparently they oppose privatizing Social Security. That is stupid. I put the money in, why shouldn't I be allowed to say how it's invested? I would have to work really hard to screw it up as much as the government has. Also -If I put the money in, regardless of who controls it and how it's invested, it should be earmarked for ME not sent to some one else that didn't save enough. Hubby and I are planning for our retirement and it's not our fault, and we should not be penalized, because others did not. They knew they were going to get old and should've done something about it. The other reason I'm bitter about Social Security is because of my father... if all had gone along to the plan, he and my mom would've each drawn a check in their retirement, because they've both been paying in for their adult lives. Well, my father passed away, and while my mom gets to pick between the higher of the two checks, now she has to get by on only one check. Where does all the other money go? To my mom, who works her butt off AT TWO JOBS, no, probably into some fund that pays people for not working hard and saving money. Someone has GOT to start making this more fair.

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