July 29, 2004

Customer Service...

Ok - hubyy and I are having a house built. In order to setup the electrical stuff for the house, hubby has to work directly w/the electrical sub that our builder uses. This is the FIRST customer service no-no. If we're paying you $$$$$$$$$$ to build us a house, YOU (the builder) work w/the @#%@! subs to get it figured out.

So hubby has asked the sub THREE TIMES (not thru email or voice mail, called him and spoke to him directly) to email us some pricing information that he always claims he has right there. Haven't received it yet.

Deck guy - they actually were GREAT in getting us the plans and pricing. There's one more item we need a price on. They said they'd email me ( this was Monday ). Met Tuesday to finalize price - again said they'd email this one last thing. I called them yesterday, they said they'd email me as soon as they got back to the office. No
email yet.

It is SHOCkINg the terrible customer service we're getting, and we're not even being difficult! We just need prices on standard stuff...Jeesh. You wouldn't think it'd be this hard to get people to take your money.

If we ran the business, you can be sure people would get the stuff right away.

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