July 28, 2004

John Edwards' Speech

Bleck! What a load of crap!

He and John are going to change the view the world has of America back to what it should be.

People working too hard that can't make ends meet - hope is on the way. (I just hope you aren't a struggling, working couple in the Northern Va area - people that make more than 200K are classified as rich, though in our area, a single family home STARTS at $335K for a 50 year old, ranch style, not remodeled home. 200K is not rich in our area -it's not poor, but it sure ain't rich. But I'm glad 2 guys with plenty of money feel free to draw the line there.)

Your mother paying too much for medicines? Hope is on the way...

No where in his wildly annoying speech did I hear ONE idea about how he's actually going to do any of these things...

Ugh....the speech was literally gross.

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