July 12, 2004

Currently reading...

I LOVE to read. Since we moved in with my in-laws, my mother-in-law leaves me new paperbacks when she's done with them. So far I've read Angels & Demons, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress.

I'm currently reading
Sons Of Fortune
by Jeffrey Archer. I'm really enjoying it - I'm only 3/4 or so thru the book, but I like it. It does get a bit slow now and then, but that's ok.

I'm also reading Bill O'Reilly's book Those Who Trespass. It's a pretty light quick read so far. I like it and wonder if Bill actually wrote it or if he had help. But it's good anyway and I'd recommend it.

I'll let you guys know the offical rating on these 2 when I finish reading.

UPDATE: I noticed on Amazon's reviews, people criticize Bill O'Reilly for the graphic porn and child porn references in the book. I'm half-way thru and haven't noticed anything more explicit from a brief encounter between Ash & Shannon where they went on a date and fooled around, which didn't result in sex, just an interesting back rub. I'll keep you updated...

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