August 02, 2004


Steve says it best. go read it, then return here.

I agree - anything that keeps our nation safer needs to be done. I don't care if it's a pain in the ass to be questioned at security every time you fly. Or be searched. Or have your bags searched - I'm willing to do anything the checkpoints ask to keep us safer - if you have nothing to hide, the check won't take long, will it?

When I was travelling overseas, we were searched MANY times, simply because we were American. Yes, it was a pain. Yes, my clothes were more wrinkled because the guards never put stuff back correctly. Big hairy deal. You suck it up and deal with it. And that was before Sept 11, 2001.

Now...Now that there is a legitimate threat, they need to do all they can to keep us safe - and if that means extra scrutiny on a particular group, so be it. If you come with nothing to hide, it'll go well.

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