August 16, 2004


Ok here goes....

Thursday - the day dawned beautiful and we played on the beach until it started raining (Hurricane Bonnie, remember) right at Son's naptime, so no beach time was lost!

Friday - we had planned on leaving the beach on Friday anyway, to head to Buffalo for Grandma's Memorial Service. So we did. We stopped ONCE on the 8 hour drive home at a McDonald's / Mobil combo. Apparently my wallet fell out of the car unnoticed. Rest of drive uneventful.

Saturday - wake up at 4 a.m. to shower and load car to leave house by 4:30 a.m. 4:30 I make some off-handed remark to hubby about my wallet in car...he says he hadn't seen it. Mad rush around looking for wallet in car and among shambles that is our house because of the unpack/repack frenzy we had going on. Cannot find wallet. Remember, you NEED a license now to board a plane! Frenzy to find passport. Get to aiport late. Run from far end of parking garage carrying 30 pound son (hubby carrying luggage and carseat). Get boarding passes, run to security, wait in long line. At front of line, realize DUMBASS BOARDING AGENT printed 2 passes for Son and none for me. Sprint back to checkin counter - tell boarding agent what happened. He proceeds to argue with me that he did NOT print 2 for son. I indicate that I don't really @#%@^# care, just print another. He proceeds to insist he show me how what I am claiming is an impossibility. UGH! He's lucky I was in such a hurry, or he'd be minus some limbs right now. Run to gate and go thru security. Hubby's watch and belt stuck in xray machine. Security lady thinks Hubby is joking about not having his stuff... Not funny! Run to gate 5 minutes before flight time. They've switched gates. Go down 2 more gates. Ask lady at gate if we can still board. She is confused "what?" she says...We need to get on plane, isn't this the gate for our flight? She says "I have no idea, I just got here, go sit down". AHHHHHHHH! Finally board plane. Arrive in Buffalo - start calling credit card companies to cancel cards - they've been used already.

Have a beautiful Memorial Service for Grandma (more posting about this later) and an even better family only dinner that night. What was so wonderful about the family dinner is that would've been Grandma's favorite part - her whole family (well, almost whole, some members did not come to service/dinner) - the whole part of the family that loved Grandma was together, even though some had not seen each other or gotten along in years. We had a lovely sharing of memories of Grandma. Father-in-law described how her last days went and how contented she was. Then we talked about how we would like to honor her memory by keeping in touch and finding some way to share information about our lives on a continuing basis. It was quite wonderful.

Sunday - fly home.

Monday - drag my sorry ass to work. Drive to DMV to get new license. License agent tells me I look so much older than old picture, I should take a new one. Nice comment, thanks!

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Brian said...

So, how did you get on the plane with no ID?