August 23, 2004


Another Monday dawns...I let the alarm go on and off for an hour, which apparently didn't please hubby too much. I talked myself out of my morning run, trading for sleep in 10 minute alarm increments.

Work...too much fun to be here today -it's silent. Wonder why?

Someone has to stop by Target today for the things we need - hopefully hubby does it ;-)

Not much else new - I imagine hubby and son are home having a ball or at the pool having a ball. Me, I'm stuck at work.

I remember: I never liked bedtime. I'm a night owl, so when I was a kid, early bedtimes were sucky. But I knew, if I laid there long enough, my father would to into the bathroom (which was next to my room in our small rambler) and run his bathwater. As my last resort, that bathwater lulled me to sleep many nights. I can still hear it and smell the steamy water smell everytime the door was opened (I slept w/my bedroom door open as well). At this point in my life, I would give anything for the secure feeling of knowing my father was in the next room, enjoying a hot bath.

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