August 10, 2004

Beach Update...

Ripley's Aquarium last night was a hit! So was the Ben&Jerry's ice cream we had after!

Tonight it's the NASCAR Imax and the fireworks at Broadway @ The Beach. Hubby loves imax and son loves NASCAR, so we're in - better be good @ 7.50 a head!

Just discovered the nice restaurant across the street does take-out, so I think we're eating in! :-)

Last night's dinner, at Seafare in Surfside was ok - I wouldn't go out of my way to go there again. The food wasn't super, but the had a pool IN the restaurant with 2 mermaids. Those 2 young women looked miserable and it felt really inappropriate - seems like they were required to swim over to anyone that walked up and chat. Made me uncomfortable. The place was a bit slimy - there was a guy selling timeshares by the door too. But we did get full at the buffet...I would not have gone if I had known about the mermaids in advance. Is that what it's like at a strip club? It just made me feel sad for those girls...

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