August 23, 2004

Review: BoneFish Grill

So this is where we girls had dinner Saturday night. Excellent's the review...

The Wait - they said we'd be seated 20 - 30 minutes after arriving and gave us a beeper. It was 60 minutes.
The Beer - SUCKY choices of beer. If you don't like Bud Light, get a mixed drink. The closet reasonable beer was Amstel, and it's not my fave.
Appetizers - Bang Bang Shrimp. Enough for all 3 of us to have some...slightly Asian taste (which I generally don't like) but it was mild enough to be tasty. Spicy though..bang bang.

Dinner - I had the blackened Swordfish with a side of angel hair marinara and garlic mashed potatoes. EXCELLENT! I usually don't like garlic mashed potatoes, but since they didn't have fries, that's what I got and they were good. The fish was excellent and perfectly cooked.

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