August 26, 2004

Coming To America...

Michele, no the other one, has this article about a visa being revoked from a teacher w/ties to al Qaeda...duh... I can't imagine that anyone would think this is a bad idea...if you are affiliated w/a group that wants us dead, you don't get to come here and cause problems. Done deal. I have no problem with that.

It goes along w/the Muslim couple caught videotaping the supports of the Bay Bridge. Apparently the wife has said they were targeted simply because they are Muslim. Tough pa-tooties. Not that all Muslims are terrorists, but since all terrorists currently on our radar screen are Muslim, profile away, in my opinion. I am paying police and the government to keep me safe - if that's the best way to do it in this case, so be it.
As a side note, she cannot possibly believe anyone believes her story that there were simply on vacation and shooting home movie video. When is the last time you, while on vacation, stopped the car and videotaped support structures?

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