August 02, 2004

So Frustrating!

Ok - we live a good 15 minute drive from the nearest store. Fine.

The way I commute to and from work are on major roadways, that don't go by any stores. It's a direct route.

So, when I need JUST 1 THING from the store it's a major pain to add 15 minutes to my 40 minute commute just to pick up something stupid. Like I have to do tonight on my way home. It makes me SOOOOOOOOOOO grumpy, I'm sure that I'm unbearable. I CAN'T WAIT to move into our new house, with it's location picked SPECIFICALLY because it's near everything! October, I just have to hang on until October. Right now, because we live so far out, we're wasting a lot of money on gas and tolls (we have to take the Greenway, at $2.25 a pop because it saves SO much time ). When we move, we won't need the Greenway anymore! Speaking of the Greenway, they're raising the toll to $2.30 (plus $0.35 to for the road it connects to) on Sept 7. Fuc*ers. I can't wait until we move and I can send them a scathing letter how both my husband and I won't be using their stupid road and paying their crazy high tolls anymore. The toll used to be something like $1.50, but they keep raising it and the people that live on that end of the county can either pay it, or add AN HOUR to their commute to go around.

I'm in a great mood today, huh?

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