August 09, 2004

I wanna talk about me...

I thought while here I would blog as usual but our DIAL-UP connection sux, so these posts will all be about our trip! Yay!

Last night we took son to the Pavillion to ride rides! What a bargain - because he's 2, he gets to ride anything free. And the adult that goes with him goes for free as well! Great deal!

My brother and I did ride the hurricane roller coaster though - it was GREAT - it is an old-style wooden one and what a ride! Bounced me so much I bounced right out of my bra! (is that too much information?) I would increase my site traffic a bit if I posted a picture, but you're not going to get that lucky today! Then we went to the Pavillion arcade - boy do the owners of that need to put some money into it...30% of the machines were broken in some way. It was dirty and didn't have any new games...Very disappointing.

We've already been to the beach for the day, and now son is napping while hubby & my cousin play golf. The weather is great - maybe 83 degrees or so?

I'm Lovin' It!

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