August 22, 2004


Busy, busy weekend! My girlfriend in Blacksburg, S, brought her son up so they and we could (terrible grammar, I know) with my other girlfriend who lives here see THE WIGGLES! It was son's first concert! I think he was a bit awestruck at the large number of noisy people, darkness, light sticks and Wiggles show. He sat very attentive, and claims he enjoyed it!

Today, we did A LOT of lounging, since we've been out of town for the past THREE weekends, and will be out of town for the next three weekends as well. This was our last day of summer to relax together as a family. I did wander over to my cousin's house to see the new baby and leave lots of cute girlie clothes! What a treat to shop for girl clothes, it's so much fun! Not that son isn't terribly cute in everything I buy, but the clothes are NOT as much fun or cute!

Side Note: remember the smell of a closed car, sitting in the sun, that had vinyl seats?

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