August 30, 2004

Saved her life...

Ok I drive down Fairfax County Parkway to get my shot, it's 55 mph on that road. There are people turning off of another road onto it. They have a stop sign or yield, I'm not sure which.
As I'm approacing this intersection, a car that wants to turn onto the parkway guns it and goes in front of me...ok, it only requires me to remove my foot from the accelerator a bit to not hit him... HOLY SMOKES! The lady behind him guns it to try and get in front of me too...remember, I'm driving a HUGE BLACK SUV with a large stopping distance. Halfway into the intersection, she realizes her mistake and stops. So now she's halfway in my lane, stopped. Remember, I'm going at least 55 mph. And I require almost all of my lane because my truck is quite wide. I have to swerve WILDLY to avoid hitting her and get back in my lane before the guy on my left hits me. UGH! STUPID #%@%@%@%@% -

first - she shouldn't be taking chances like that with MY life

second - if she'd actually pulled out, it would've been easier for me because all I would have to do is slow down, not swerve. Because she'd have been accelerating (I hope) I'd have more stopping distance.

third - if I hit her, in her driver's door, going 55 mph, she'd be dead, my grill through her forehead. She's lucky I swerved.

It occurs to me now, that if I'd hit the guy on my left and NOT her, I'd be at fault in the accident! FU-K!

I hate stupid people...truly and honestly, they make my blood boil.

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