August 19, 2004

Review: Independence Air

Ok -so now I've flown Independence Air twice - to Buffalo and to Boston. So I think I'm qualified to review the airline, for your information.

Good Points:
  • We were able to switch to any flight that same day because we arrived way early for our flight - this was nice.
  • Nice new leather seats.
  • Flight not crowded (this of course, varies).
  • Did serve soda and cookies/pretzels.
  • Flight attendants very nice.
  • Three of the four flights arrived on time.
  • Can do kiosk checkin.
  • Easy to book on internet.

    Bad Points:
  • Gate lady on first flight was not "with it". She's standing at gate, 5 min before departure time. I ask "can we board". She replies "I don't know, I just got here.".
  • Signs at gate wrong 25% of the time. We arrive for the 9:45 a.m. flight. Sign says "9:45 Flight to IAD Delayed". Bummer. We take son to playground. Happen to check back later, 9:15, sign says "11:45 Flight to IAD Delayed". YIKES! I ask the lady at the desk what happened, she says "9:45 flight is on time". I look at board, and ask about the discrepancy. She says this is the later flight, my flight is on time. I ask if it's still this gate. She says yes, why? I said the board says differently. The guy behind her says "I told you not to change the sign this early". think you might be confusing the people on the 9:45 flight?
  • Must walk on tarmac out to plane. They have computer signs pointing out which plane is which, since they load 6 planes out of one gate at a time. TWICE the computer signs were off, which left customers wandering around the tarmac trying to figure out which plane was which. No employee in sight to ask.
  • Must walk up/down very narrow steps to get to plan (Yeah, I'm a Princess, get over it).
  • Checkin guy printed me 2 boarding passes for my son and none for me, which I didn't notice until we got to security. After running back to checkin guy, he argues with me about the impossibility of him printing dupes. They almost lose their first employee.
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