April 28, 2005

a little grumpy today maybe?

Things I'm irritated by today:

  • someone thought it'd be a good idea to have 30 school children in our office today, for some reason unknown to me?? They are currently EMPTYING the hot chocolate machine!
  • the asshole that caused the toll road accident this morning. Someone was busy doing something other than driving, and cost me the 30 minutes I usually spend with my son and my mom before heading to work. Thanks.
  • tried to take my car for state inspection today. The first place only allows drop-offs. WTF? Had a 20 car line. Of course, I had CALLED yesterday and they told me I could just come right in, but that's ok. I like driving around looking for service stations during the work day.
  • it's cold today
  • it didn't rain, and it doesn't look like rain, so I have to water the damn grass again
  • people that make stupid ass comments about people that drive big SUVs. Bite me. Yes, I only have 1 son right now. I plan on having 4 or 5. So it is not unreasonable for me to have bought a Yukon XL and to be planning on driving it for the next 10 years (or 15!), because I hope that someday I have enough kids to fill it. Kiss my ass if you don't like it, you just come across as jealous about my sweet ride. Would you be happier if I bought a new, bigger car w/each new baby? That's dumb. It's called planning. I can afford the payments now, when the 4th or 5th gets here, I won't have a payment anymore.

    Ok, yeah, I'm in a mood.
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    Sara said...

    I am a fellow big-ass SUV sistah and I don't even have any children yet, so hear-hear to the "BITE ME!" comment. I needed room for my dog. And shopping bags.

    :-) Smile, today is nearly over!