April 20, 2005

Medical Update #2

Blood tests look just in the lower reaches of the "good" realm - retesting next Monday to be sure though. Thanks everyone for the support, it really and truly is very helpful!

Not much else to update - the weather's gorgeous, and my allergies have just kicked in so even walking to the car gets me sneezing! :-(

Side note: now I know why we got a sprinkler system with our last house. We will be making the plans necessary (like saving the $$$) to get one as soon as humanly possible with this house as well! I'm on sprinkler duty and WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!


enjanerd said...

:) Glad it came out well. Hope next week's test comes back even better! -j.

Anita said...

Hey, wow!!

I leave for just a little while and really good things happen!

Fingers crossed for more good news!

girl from florida said...

YAY!! :)