April 01, 2005

um, yeah, let me get right on that...

Ok...when we bought our house, the builder subs out the electrical wiring. Fine. Stupid builder also makes US deal directly w/the subs when picking out electrical options. Since they were OUTRAGEOUSLY priced, because they could be, we only got an extra phone jack ($125) and an wiring from attic to family room for the HDTV ($625).

We paid the builder at the time we selected the options - or so we think. We're not sure, now that they ask.

BUT today we get a bill from the subcontractor wanting money. And they'd like a check immediately and payable to them, not the builder (because it's apparently a pain to get money out of our builder)


Let's go thru my list....

  • wiring to family room not done when we moved in
  • coax drops not in right place in family room - they put one in center of family room and the second 2 feet over...wtf? they had to move them both to the same spot, duh.
  • f-ing phone line right there doesn't work anyway

  • getting them to come after we moved in was a pain in the ass
  • getting a hold of them to even make our selection way back when was a pain in the ass, and we had to get the project manager to yell at them before they would EVER call us back.

    so let me get right on sending that check....


  • the phone line will be fixed or we aren't paying $125 (!) for it
  • the builder will have to itemize for us each check we gave them last summer and
  • prove to us that we didn't pay. From what I remember, they were really damn on us every time we added anything to put 20% down right away.
  • if, and only if, it is proven that we owe the money, I'm paying the builder and the sub can figure out how to get the money from them. THEN, I'm sending $20 a month until the bill is paid off.

    Assholes. Not only that, the quality of the work sucks - my husband had to redo all the connections at the satellite box in the basement. MAYBE if they'd done a QUALITY JOB ON TIME, I'd be a bit more charitable....but since they SUCK, no soup for you!

    Sara said...

    Damn, I know all about funky wiring and house-builder nightmares. It took us months to figure out that they messed up our surround sound. My husband can't change his own oil, so . . . ;-)

    girl from florida said...

    I think you should send $1.27 a month until it's paid off. Hahahahaha then!! :)