May 04, 2005

Isn't there a Noise Ordinance???

5:30 a.m. This morning I hear a semi pull up. Back up (lots o beeping)...drop something SERIOUSLY heavy. Pull forward, more backing, etc. I look out the window and the construction-sized dumpster service is changing out the dumpsters. AT 5:30 in the FUCKING MORNING. Do you have any idea what it sounds like when it DROPS one of those things? I dug out the head-honcho's number of the neighborhood (for the builder) and will keep it bedside for the next occaision. If they wake ME up at 5:30, I can wake him up at 5:30. (first, it has to drop the empty one somewhere, then pick up the full one, move it out of the way, drop the full one, pick up the empty one, put it in the spot the old one was, drop it. Pick up full dumpster. --> that's a lot of noise)

AND, when I finally succommed to a nap yesterday evening (~5:30 as well)....sometimes, when the road is really dirty from construction, they'll drive backhos (backhoes?) around, with the scoop down, to scoop up some before they wash the road (because that's not a horrendous waste of water). Yesterday, some asshole was driving around, pushing 1 brick (they are almost done w/our street so it wasn't dirty) instead of getting out, picking it up, and putting it in the scoop, then lifting the scoop. He pushed that brick, scoop down, for 2 blocks. Ass. 1 brick.

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Sara said...

Oh I know about all of this too well. They decided to change out our power lines down the street this week. We have noise, noise, noise, oh! And this lovely red mud everywhere that my dog thinks is okay to step in and track all over my beige carpet.