May 15, 2005

Ok, yeah, more on the house.

Last Wednesday was hot, if you remember. Hubby turned on the AC on the main level and upstairs (2 units). Neither worked, shocking, I know.

I called the AC guys and got the first appt of the day at 8 a.m. the next morning.

At 8:30 I called to inquire about why nobody was at my house.

At 8:32 I got a call back. The lady said she saw my number on caller id and didn't pick up. Nice. The techs were on more important/emergency jobs and would then be by my house tomorrow, 8 a.m. ok?

Um, no. I (not very nicely) explained - WHOA. I was to have the first call. How did this happen? Well...the guys had calls that ranked as more emergency-level than mine. WTF? They are an AC company - the only problems they can have are
1. no heat (which is more of a problem, if IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE)
2. no AC

So ? She had no explaination. I told her they would be by TODAY as I was already late for work and not going to replay this tomorrow. She said when do you want them? I said now. She just kept repeating herself. Finally, I said "Look. I don't have their schedule in front of me - when is their next free slot? Tell me and I'll be here. I'm not psychic."... She says no, when do you want them? I said 9. She said no. I said 10. She said no. (boy, isn't this fun!). Finally we agreed on 12.

At 11:30 Curly and Moe arrive to look at AC units. Hubby already deduced that the problem w/1 unit was that the outside compressor was bad.

11:32, the smart one, Larry arrives. They get the main level AC on quickly. He comes in to tell me (like 2 hours later) that the upper level compressor is fried. He's going to order another one, but it may be Monday before it gets here.

Whoa. I don't think so. I inform him that NO, it will be installed before it gets hot again on Saturday. And if he's so hard up for parts, go over to the house that isn't done yet and take theirs. He looks appalled. I say, please. This is a new house and a new AC unit that we KNOW never worked, and you guys just left it because we bought when we wouldn't be running the AC. Get it fixed. He says he'll try to have it done before Monday.

Now, Hubby had coincidentally left work to come home at that time. So he pulled up 20 minutes later...Did I mention Hubby is MEAN looking w/his shaved head?

An hour later, we had a new compressor from the house across the street and were cooling off.


girl from florida said...

WOW... I am so impressed. I want you guys to call my stupid credit card company and fix the late charge they are charging me although they haven't sent me a bill in FOUR MONTHS and can't explain that.

I just tend to get really upset and start talking incoherently. :)

Sara said...

Okay, the same builder must have built your house as ours. It only makes sense.

alex said...

I hate posts like gets my blood boiling the idiocy that is out there. Actually I like them because it gets me going first thing in the mornign.