May 10, 2005

What's in your shower?

I posted this comment at The Mighty Geek, when he was shocked at all the items in his shower...

3 shampoos
2 body washes
1 bar soap
2 razors
1 foot loofah
1 foot scrub
1 body sponge
1 bottle deep conditioner
1 toothbrush (for cleaning grout while in shower, waiting for deep conditioner to work)
1 bottle tilex (see above)
1 pair flip flops (for wearing while using tilex, it ruins the pedicure)
2 paintbrushes (for toddler)
3 shades shower paint (see above)
1 cup for rinsing shower walls or toddler

Granted, I think my shower is bigger than his NYC condo shower, but still! Do I need so much crap? Of course!


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

OK, I am compelled to ask: if one has soap, why does one use body wash?

My much-better-half doesn't use body wash, and despite the ads in men's magazines, I haven't found any reason to buy any.

enjanerd said...

I use body wash because I have sensitive skin and that's usually less harsh than most soaps. And the sensitive soap bars dissolve way too fast to make it worth it when there is body wash available.

The soap + body wash combo is probably due to the fact that more than one person uses that bathroom and they prefer different cleansing products.


girl from florida said...

ooh. tilex while waiting for deep conditioner.

You are a genius.

I use soap, then body wash. Soap=cleaning, body wash=moisturizing & delicious smell. :) My silly rationale!

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Well there you go; my much-better-half finds most fragrences aggravate her allergies (harder to shop for presents).

Your rationale is perfectly suited for you. As for me, I am a guy, so...