May 24, 2005

This thing really sucks!

I got a new DYSON vacuum cleaner!!! MAN! What an excellent cleaner! I did the hall w/my old (really nice, only 3 year old top of the line Hoover bagless) and then w/the dyson, just doing the hall, the dyson was FULL! I love it! It's based on a ball, so manuvering it around the floor is a breeze I tell you, a breeze!

And the emptying is amazing! The old one, you had to take the lid off and shake shake shake, all the while breathing in all the crap you just vaccuumed up. W/the dyson, the bottom drops out and gravity pulls the dirt down. Much cleaner!

I highly recommend, next time you're needing a new vacuum cleaner!

1 comment:

enjanerd said...

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. My sister has been looking into the Dyson too.