May 19, 2005

More problems with the builder....

I'm going to have to sue them when they give me high blood pressure.

I called the warranty people last night about the basement door leaking (after they've already fixed it once) and the lack of attention to our dead landscaping, and also all the missing screens on our basement level.

The guy was all "I don't take care of the landscaping", "we don't put screens on the basement level" (which is just an assinine statement since I can SEE that all our neighbors HAVE screens and I ASKED them where they came from) and "I'll have to schedule someone for the basement door, but no one is available anytime soon"...not like it was easy to understand him because his English isn't great and he gets irritated when I ask him to repeat. ( I'm used to listening more closely when this is the case, my mother and her family speak English as a late-second language as well. )

I call the head dude- of course, oddly, he's on vacation this week. So I get peon-dude that's supposed to call me back.... GRRRRR.

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alex said...

Everytime I read about your builder my blood pressure goes up! It is soooo irritating.