July 15, 2008

are you watching Nashville Star?

I love this show - but really they need to boot the people that suck and the fakers and just let Michelle and Gabe have a sing off.

The blond chick - she sucks.  I'm surprised John Rich likes her because she sounds awful and her voice is not powerful enough.

Gabe - he is AWESOME.

Melissa - she is AWESOME.  Oversinging it my ass.  She did GREAT and she was confident and looked like she was really having fun up there.

Coffey (pronounced Cough-eh, like a redneck trying to sound French).  OMG - please do not ever sing a Tim McGraw song again.  I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.  You are awful.  Pulling the sympathy card might get you thru (and chocking up during the song, wah) to next week, but you'll still suck then.  I agree with Jeff and John - you are NOT country and we can see right thru you.

Shawn - omg, she is terrible.  And this young lady is NO Carrie Underwood, and she butchered her song.  She could also stand to watch herself on video because the faces she makes while singing are painful and downright scary.  And not dressing like a whore might help too.

I feel strongly about this, can you tell?  I love country music and have listened to it all my life.  I am quite offended by Jewel's entrance into country (marrying a rodeo guy doesn't make you country!) and by her being on this show.  (don't get me started on Jessica Freaking-Simpson's new country song - PLEASE)  I can't imagine any of these loser people winning - it has to be Gabe or Melissa.

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