July 28, 2008

made it to the gym again!

The alarm went off at 4:31 a.m. 

I hit snooze 2 times, then bounded out of bed to head to the gym!  I did a full circuit of leg workouts then ran for 28 minutes (then walked up hill at 4.0 for 5 more minutes).  YAY me!  Last week I got 3 workouts in, let's see how this week goes!  But so far, it looks promising!

I have to admit one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning is that our gym only has 2 showers and I'm terrified of getting there late and having to wait in line to shower, in which case I'd probably just shoot myself.

In other news, I'm updating my links tonight to add my new friends Red and Blondy - am I missing anyone else?

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