July 29, 2008

seriously? What is wrong with the world today...

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Today's headlines on foxnews.com:

"Mistaken About Taunting, Dad Stabs Boy In Face"

"Unattended Infant Mauled By Dog"

"Mom Puts Baby In Fish Tank To Stop Its Crying"

"Motorist Hits Husband, Drives Off As He Dies"

Really people - is there not enough wrong with the world that we have to hurt the ones we love (or not care for them properly as in the mauling article)??

Everyone play nice please.  I can't even read the articles about the parents hurting children.  HOW CAN ONE DO THAT?  How, how, how? I have been frustrated - when my husband is gone for 60 days at a time I can go crazy too.  Know what I do rather than drown my children?  I call someone to vent....I go outside....I go upstairs for a moment...I tell the kids that Mommy needs a timeout and not to talk to her for a moment.  It doesn't even occur to me to hurt them.  There's enough going on in the world where we should be nice to each other - we are all we've got!  There are plenty of people out there that would hurt us if given the chance, let's try and be able to trust our own.

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