May 17, 2007

sorry for the silence!

Things as usual are a bit busy around here...

Son is wrapping up the 2006-2007 school year, and there are lots of activities to attend!  Yesterday was soccer awards.  Monday is the end of the year party, Wednesday is a birthday party, and Friday is GRADUATION (EEKS!).

BabyT is rapidly moving into 2 word sentences!  And sleeping better!  yay!  He's so cute, and we're getting more and more words and concepts every day.  It's so amazing to watch.

BabyJ is recovering from the worst case of diaper rash anyone has seen in years!  Of course since she poops SEVENTEEN (I logged it on TrixieTracker!) no wonder!  But TriplePaste is a godsend and works wonders (in less than 12 hours no less!!!).  Last week we outgrew Newborn diapers and today we went onto size 2 nipples.  She'll be dating in no time ;-)

I'm loving being home w/the kids, even though it's EXHAUSTING.

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