November 30, 2006


watching the Discovery Channel's Everest series?
They are following a team of men trying to climb Mt. Everest.  It is a 71 day trip, with only 10 of those days actually being climbing.
It is a fascinating show, though it escapes me why someone would spend $40,000 and 71 days to put their life on the line.  They detail all the dangers (cerebral edema!  The one guy that gets hit, his brain gets so swollen his eyeballs start to bulge right out of their sockets - frostbite!  One guy lost BOTH LEGS to a previous expedition's frostbite and he's back again).  To risk your life like that, when you have a wife and children, baffles me.
But it's a wildly interesting show - it details all the risks, what it's like, how they get equipment around, what it takes, etc.  How some teams take safety precautions and some teams simply follow the teams that are supposed to be safer, etc.

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