December 04, 2006

Busy busy busy!

We are SO BUSY we don't even have time to stop and think.  When we only had 1 child, we THOUGHT we were busy - we had no idea we could be so busy (it's like trying to tell people who have no children how much work they are, you just can't do it - expressing how an extra child takes more than double the time doesn't work either)...
This weekend we had so much to do!
We had to dress/shower for my company's holiday party Saturday night.
Feed children breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks both days.
Do dishes and clean up after all of the previous item.
Put up outdoor lights.
Go to Target for massive spree ($500!!!!) (includes 2 new fabulous stoop trees that then had to be assembled and put up).
Acquire and put up 4 foot tree in Son's room.
Decorate said tree.
Put up Christmas town on our large buffet.  Realize need to return to Michael's Craft store for fake fluffy snow.
Finalize plans for BabyT's one year birthday party next weekend (invitations?! No - I just called everyone on the list)
Try and Christmas shop online -be totally unsuccessful.
Shower both boys at least once.
Spend an hour retrieving husband's car from dealer.
Attend my company's holiday party.
Clean up so father-in-law is not appalled at the state of my house when he arrives to babysit.
Try to rearrange things this weekend for next weekends party.  Husband feels using the dining room as extra storage space will not look nice for the party, go figure.
Make sure BabyT doesn't pick up/eat/choke on anything crazy (this is a full time job)
Watch and play w/both boys a lot.
Exhausting!!  What the HELL are we going to do when we have THREE CHILDREN?

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girl from florida said...

Oh my gosh!! I feel so overwhelmed NOW... I can't imagine how it is with more children. Especially the making sure they don't pick up/eat/choke on anything... that in itself is a full time job!!