December 06, 2006

and we gave it a try!

So last night we did it - we took the kids out to dinner!  We haven't taken them out since BabyT was much littler and happy to just sit in his carseat.  Now that he's mobile (did I tell you he's WALKING?!  I think I may have forgotten that tidbit!) we weren't sure how it'd go, being stuck at the table for at least 45 minutes. went GREAT!  We sat down and there was so much going on BabyT was fascinated and happy to just stand on the booth seat and look around while we fed him fruit cup while waiting for the waiter to bring dinner.  Then we put him in the highchair so we could eat and took turns feeding him bits off our plates (cheesesticks, quesadillas and a burger!)...  He handled it like a champ!
And of course, the older Son was a darling like he always is inside of a restaurant, so no problems there.  He even ate the apple that I brought for him!
So now we can go out to eat once in a while!  YAY!

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Suz said...

I'm so glad that it went well!! Our's aren't walking yet so it's easy to take them out - hearing that it's possible to take a toddler to a restaurant and have a good time did my heart good!!!