December 28, 2006

Nifty Gift #1 for a 1 year old...

I know...I KNOW...I wasn't planning on BabyT getting this for Christmas...but he LOVES LOVES LOVES his TMX Elmo.  I cannot state enough LOVES it (we already had HokeyPokeyElmo, how can any VT grad not have this?)...and he loves Sesame Street and loves Elmo, so it's a natural hit.
BUT also a hit is the plain stuffed Elmo THAT DOES NOTHING.  IT'S JUST A STUFFED ANIMAL.
AND the Sesame Street Singing Popup Pals (see ToysRUs, not Amazon)...This is also a HUGE hit.  We got 2, and instead of returning 1, I'm thinking of taking over to my mom's.

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Suz said...

Our twins are almost 11 mos and I didn't even consider getting the TMX Elmo....but my BIL did. I'm not sure what the twins thought of it, but I thought it was pretty darn cool!