December 17, 2006

By the way, Microsoft, I hate you...

Stupid ^$#$%#%#^^ Microsoft included IE7 in their nightly patch upgrades.  So now both our damn computers run it.  AND I hate it.  So F-You Microsoft for upgrading me on the sly.
The new version sucks so far...They copied some good features from Firefox.  I see nothing original in it, except they took away the File, Edit, Favorites menu.  So I HAVE to spend some time playing with it just to figure out where they stuck my goddamn bookmarks (which, btw, on the laptop are f-ing GONE...nice move Gates)...Ok...the 'star' button = Favorites.  Of course, it's easier to leave pages open (like gmail and bloglines) and refresh them every so often if I could find the freaking refresh icon.  You would think the toolbars on the two machines would be the same, but NO.  This one doesn't have refresh/stop icons, but the computer upstairs does and I can't figure out how to get them back.
Any software/hardware person knows you don't upgrade people's software w/out telling them.  As soon as I have time, I'm downloading Firefox and getting the hell away from IE7.

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enjanerd said...

Woo Firefox!! IE7 got installed on my work computer and I, too, hate it. :)