December 26, 2006

oh, and by the way...

Recently, I find myself looking forward in time a bit, when the kids are a tad older and parenting is supposed to get easier (or at least less so physically draining - chasing a 1 year old is EXHAUSTING)...
BUT there is nothing better on this earth than the look of pure happiness in a 4 year old's eyes when he wakes up and realizes that CHRISTMAS IS HERE!
Son came RUNNING out of his room yesterday morning and met me on the stairs by his room - "MOM! IT'S CHRISTMAS!". He was so excited.
"Did Santa leave any gifts under your tree?" I asked (Son has a 4ft tree in his room).
The look on his face, once again, PRICELESS.  The yelling and exclaiming over the couple of gifts Santa had left in his room is only topped by the look on his face when he walked into the family room to look at the bigger pile of loot Santa left.
PRICELESS I tell you, and makes me want to have dozens of children, so that Christmas magic hangs in the air every  year.

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