December 19, 2006

Santa Claus!

WOW....Last night was interesting!
The Santa at our local mall is apparently quite popular...Hubby tried to go last Monday at 1 p.m. and the line was so long it was already closed - then again Sunday night (same deal, too long)...
So yesterday, we see his hours are 2-5 p.m., then 6 - 9 p.m.  I tell hubby I'll go get in line at 5 and sit thru his break so we're first (or near first) at 6 p.m. And he'll bring the kids about 6 so they don't have to wait.  I get there at 4:50 p.m. and we are 10th in line for the next shift!  By the time it was 6, the line wrapped all the way around the Santa display TWICE and then back down a wing of the mall.
But Son was SO excited he was beside himself and he stood and waited w/me for the 9 people in line before me to have their turn.  I saw that Hubby and BabyT are sitting in some chairs directly across from Santa so hopefully BabyT will be used to seeing him by the time we plop him on Santa's lap.
I comment to Son and the other kid Son is talking too...Look, Daddy's in that big chair over there and MOMMY is having to stand here in line!  How unfair is that!
The other kid gets all wide-eyed and amazed looking...he looks at Son and says "YOUR DAD IS SANTA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (because the only chair they'd noticed is the one Santa was sitting it)...It was so funny!
Then it was our turn.  I handed BabyT a lollipop and put him on Santa's lap and ducked and ran to get out of the shot.  BabyT was HORRIFIED. So horrified he couldn't even cry.  His poor little eyes totally filled w/water but nothing came out.  He couldn't even cry.  Luckily, the girl took the picture the second I dropped him down on Santa's lap, while he was still happy w/his lollipop and that pic turned out pretty good.  So we got our pic!
Oh - and the picture girl!  There was a 4 or 5 month old girl having a FIT so the picture girl puts a reindeer covered in bells RIGHT IN THE BABY'S FACE and shakes it, trying to get her to smile.  I don't know if this tactic worked w/some other kid, but I cannot see how it could ever be successful.  If I'm scared and upset, ringing bells 3 inches from my face isn't going to calm me much.

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