December 11, 2006

Christmas Spirit...

Every year my son's preschool (the school is Lutheran, we are not, but I love the religious stories and themes they are teaching him) does an Angel Tree for underprivileged kids in our area.
I instructed Son and Hubby to select 3 angels off the tree last week - 1 for each of our children.
Imagine my surprise when I took Son to school on Friday and the tree is STILL covered with Angels.  It seems that a lot of parents AREN'T taking Angels.  This is so sad.  By no means is my son going to an expensive preschool.  My mother lives in the neighborhood where a lot of the student's live - where the smallest house (~900 sq. feet) is going for about $500,000 (minimum).  The rest of the students (most of the rest, I'm sure not all) live in the area in NICER areas than my mom (she lives in the most-run down neighborhood that feeds into this school - all the houses are 50+ years old, etc).  I do not understand why there are still Angels on that tree and it is really bothering me.  There is no shortage of fancy cars in the pickup line to pick up the kiddies (BMW, Mercedes, GMC Denalis, etc.).  The Angels I've glanced at are all asking for simple things (puzzles, blocks, UNDERWEAR, SOCKS) so it's not like the kids have everything and are asking for WIIs/PS3s.  How can there still be Angels?  The presents are due back Friday, so there's not a lot of time left - I had hubby grab 2 more today.  Hopefully other parents will do the same - we are all so blessed, with happy healthy children, warm homes, etc.  It is so sad.
I don't know what happens for the children whose Angels don't get chosen.  It is too sad.

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Suz said...

We've done an angel every year, but this year there are still hordes of angels on the tree at the YMCA. What happened to the angels that are left bothered me so much that I asked at the desk. There are benefactors, the woman told me, people they have in their back pocket who will write checks for those angels so the people who work at the Y can go out and get the gifts. It made me feel soooo much better.