October 11, 2008

Dear blog writer....

I unsubscribed from your feed today.  Usually you are quite funny.  You take awesome photographs.  You are a tech guy, so I love reading your tech commentary too.

But lately you are so bitter about McCain even having the NERVE to run against the God-like man you endorse ( the nerve of someone, running AGAINST Obama!  How can one not see Obama is the only choice!  You are ignorant if you do not see how great Obama is) you just sound angry, bitter and old.  I do like hearing the opposing side - but from people that can keep an even temper.  Don't get me wrong, I like passion!  I want to read how people are passionate that their candidate is the best one!  That is awesome - ususally we have a hard time finding anyone that even cares about the candidates.  There are quite a few Obama-endorsing blogs that I continue to follow, because while they also endorse Obama they do not....

1.  Treat him like a God
2.  Talk to Republicans (and by the way, not all Republicans are McCain fans or Palin fans, which I'm sure will SHOCK you)
3.  Talk to your non-Obama endorsers like we are all morons for not seeing the light
4.  Spew hate

I do not have time in my day for hate-spewers.   Miss Britt, Zoot, Enjablog -- > they are all Obama endorsers and have many political posts, but none of them talk to people that oppose their view like they are freaking morons.

So goodbye.

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enjanerd said...

Sigh... That's really a shame. I'm seeing this a lot lately and I don't get it.

You're not going to change anyone's minds by insulting them. And if people's minds are made up, you're just wasting your time anyway.

I really liked NPR's approach to this when getting listener feedback after the last debate. Callers were only allowed to state opinions about the candidate they supported. So, taking a lesson from kindergartners: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Everyone needs to just calm down a little...