October 27, 2008

Obama Says No Tax Cut For Me!


I put our info in - we ARE NOT wealthy and I have to work part-time (full time would be better but we can't get childcare for the hours we need). 

Under Obama's Plan, I will not get ANY tax cut.  NONE.  Which means, I'm fairly certain, it is MY "WEALTH" that will be re-distributed to people who do not deserve the money THAT I EARN.  I take care of my children and my family (including my mother when she needs it).  I do not need anyone else jumping on my wagon for me to pull.  Get up, go to work.  If that job doesn't bring in enough money, GET ANOTHER ONE OR GET A BETTER ONE.  When my Dad's job didn't bring in enough to make ends meet, HE GOT A SECOND JOB.   I do not leave my children in my mother's care 3 days a week so that I can support ANY ONE that is not in my family.  I provide insurance, food, etc. for the people that I am responsible for.  If I am not responsible for you, I don't want to finance your life.


enjanerd said...

While not trying to argue that your wealth should be handed out to poor, lazy people... I have to say that some aspects of your lifestyle *sound* like you're wealthy. Admittedly, I don't know any details about your life outside of your blog, but the fact that you have a pool and live in the DC/Metro area puts you in the wealthy range.

I tried putting Ian and my salaries/mortgage in with your family info and we would get a tax cut. And I would consider us inching our way out of middle class. (No kids though, so maybe my perspective is skewed.)

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I tried putting Ian and my salaries/mortgage in with your family info and we would get a tax cut

Let me ask you: does that calculator take into account the Bush Tax cuts that Sen. Obama has pledged to let expire? If so, you will get a tax increase before any tax cut from the proposed Obama plan. Remember, in spite of what the Democrats claim, every federal tax payer received a tax cut under President Bush's tax cuts, and not just the rich.

So if Sen. Obama lets the Bush cuts expire, and then offers a cut that is net-less than the Bush plan, you will actually pay more under his proposed plan.

Why not back the candidate who pledges to keep the existing cuts in place, as opposed to redistributing the wealth?

VHMPrincess said...

First of all...our general salary may be higher than avg for the nation -but when you figure expense for a family of 5, there isn't much left at the end of the month...

Daycare - for us, it's $300 per week. At a center, it would be $500.

Groceries - $250 per week for a family of 5

Target type stuff - $200 month (things like toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, diapers, wipes, etc)

Dinner out (Red Robin or Friendly's type places ONCE) $50 per week

Gas $100 per week (with the new LOWER prices). It was creeping on $175 there for a while. And I work 7 miles from my office!

529 contribution for Older son $150 per month
529 for others - $50 per month X 2 ( this number SHOULD BE $900 a month according to CNN Money based on their ages and the year they should attend college. Who has that kind of money?)

Car payment - we own 2 of the 3 cars

Preschool - $180 per month (this is a church preschool, not a private fancy school)

School expenses, $200 per month - this is for things like fundraisers, school pictures, supplies teachers ask for, seasonal parties, field trip fees, etc.

Misc. expenses - things that pop up - for example in Sept, my mom started driving the kids around for drop off to preschool. So that's 2 new car seats. Also, a new stroller because my strollers are too heavy for her to lift w/her tendonitis.

Home Upkeep expenses - usually $200 per month - $300. This month, an EXTRA $500 for 2 new toilets and installation.

HOA Fees - $60 per month

DR visits $100 per month (avg) - for ex. this month, $30 for my flu shot, $30 for kids flu shots, $20 for well baby visit for BabyJ

Prescriptions - $50 per month

Med Insurance, Dental Ins, Life Insurance (we have it thru work for each of us plus extra policies)

Home insurance and taxes (our value tanked, but tax rate went through the roof for a large net increase in our tax bill)

Personal property taxes

Utilities: electric, gas, water, phone, internet, satellite

Shoes and clothes for 3 children. I do hand-me-downs for ToddlerT and BabyJ but not everything always fits or is the right size for that season. And the shoes! AIYEEE!

Seasonal stuff - Fall = Halloween and Thanksgiving, Winter = Christmas and snow gear, Spring = Easter , etc. There are always expenses there.

It goes faster than I thought it would when we didn't have kids and seemed to very much fit the description of DINKS. I am not including the pool pmt, but that's a nice chunk of change as well - and, unlike a car, not something we can sell in times of hardship.

Higher taxes, though they always stink, for the sake of giving to people that have less bothers me more than the actual higher taxes. Raise my taxes for things like teacher salaries, military salaries, insurance for all children, schools. But raising them to distribute among people that have less simply because it's more fair that way? I don't think so.

Thanks for reading and commenting - and keeping it civil! It apparently is rare around the internet these days! I imagine that the election and politics, like it is w/my BFF, is just something we will have to agree to disagree on. I honestly do not expect to change your mind, I'm just hoping to show that just because the income number is high, we aren't lighting cigars with $100 bills. Our biggest expenses ARE location related - mortgage and taxes - also gas and food. When I visit family that lives elsewhere I'm amazed at the prices of things. I just went to Giant today and for THREE plastic baggies of food it was $50. If we could lower those expense, it would help a lot.

enjanerd said...

Haha wow, I totally didn't mean to get into the details of your finances with that comment.

Thanks for sharing though... Apparently it's a good thing I don't have kids. I certainly couldn't afford them. :P

And your second to last paragraph, I definitely agree with.

The way I interpret the Obama taxes, they aren't intended to be handouts to distribute your wealth. I think it's supposed to go toward schools/teachers who are in the lower income brackets or services that benefit everyone -- police, military, hospitals, libraries, etc. And, technically, that "redistributes" the wealth. But the intent is to have that money go to people who have earned it.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...
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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

The way I interpret the Obama taxes, they aren't intended to be handouts to distribute your wealth

With all due respect, the senator's own words belies that interpretation.

enjanerd said...

Charlie, would you send me a link please?

I've looked around, but haven't found any quotes referencing handouts. From the senator, it's mostly talk about decreasing taxes for people working and still not able to earn a living wage (teachers, nurses, etc.). A lot of opinion pieces talk about handouts, but I haven't been able to find any citing references.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

We'll start with the YOUTUBE, with the senator claiming those who make under $250K won't get a tax increase. Since it's easy to demonstrate that over 95% of all federal income taxes are paid by about 50% of income earners (source), Sen. Obama's numbers can't possibly add up unless he's giving 'tax cuts' to those who do not pay income tax. That, enjanerd, is a hand out.

Further, Sen. Obama in that now infamous clip (source) told Joe the plumber that he intends on spreading the wealth.

Lastly, may I point out that Sen. Obama's claim of raising taxes only on those making over $250K was changed by Sen. Biden to $150K, then Sen. Obama, himself, changed it to $200K, and then Gov. Bill Richardson, speaking for the Obama campaign, dropped it to $120K. And clearly, most professional couples make $120K in every major city, so this is a big tax increase.

Even if you could justify the $120K amount, what does it say about a campaign that can't set their target and keep it??

And if you don't see 'tax rebates' to those who don't pay taxes a hand-out, I am not sure I can convice you with these links.

enjanerd said...

Ah, thanks. I find the tax study much more convincing than the non-stop replaying of the Joe the plumber clip.

The "spreading the wealth" quote didn't hit me as viscerally as it did others, since I know plenty of teachers, librarians, and soldiers and do believe that they deserve higher wages.

I am interested to see how much people who don't pay income tax, on average, would spend on sales, property, gas, and other taxes to see how that compares to the rebates. This study looks like a good place to start though. Thanks.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

The "spreading the wealth" quote didn't hit me as viscerally as it did others, since I know plenty of teachers, librarians, and soldiers and do believe that they deserve higher wages.

You may find this surprising, but I know people in each of this categories as well! Since local school districts set salaries, local cities set librarian salaries, I fail to follow your line of reasoning.

What we can agree upon: soldiers for over 200 years have not been given their due in this country.

enjanerd said...

Charlie, I have no doubt that you know people in these categories. Most people do! ;)

My point was that these people are on the lower end of the wage spectrum and will benefit from the tax breaks. They will also benefit from education reform that include putting federal tax dollars toward recruiting qualified teachers and funding NCLB.

But I think the bottom line is that the "spreading the wealth" quote doesn't mean the same to me as it does to you.

I've known people who, while working, didn't make enough to pay income tax (myself included, not too long ago). And those people are putting much more into the system paying taxes now than they would receive in "handouts." I see a possibility of this working more than I think people will be scamming the system. But I can definitely understand someone who would disagree with that perspective.