October 31, 2008

Product Review:: Betty Crocker Homestyle Creamy Butter Mashed Potatoes

I bought these last week. I LOVE instant mashed potatoes so I was so excited to try them. I sub chicken broth for the water and they are usually SO YUMMY! The store didn't have my usual brand so I bought these.

When I got home, I see the ingredients call for water, milk and butter instead of just water. Hmm... I made them with milk, broth and butter. They were runny and gross.

Well, in the mail today I got a free sample...of THE SAME THING. Only this sample ONLY takes water (the name of the product is EXACTLY the same) but the box has a label that says "Now Better Tasting". So they thought the old one needed improvement too?

Anyway - I'll report back with the new improved product review soon - I hope it's good, I love some good instant potatoes!

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