October 15, 2008

A prize!

Do you guys remember Motherhood Uncensored's "Blog The Recession" during August? Well I won a prize!

Amelia, at http://ameliasprout.blogspot.com, sent me the most beautiful handmade blanket I have ever seen! The wave pattern is amazing - I tried to capture it in the photograph. I've put up 3 pictures, with a close up of the stitching for you to see! She does amazing work! I asked if she had an Etsy store I could link to but she does not yet. I think she should open one! The blanket is amazing. I love the wave pattern and can't believe that someone could knit something like that! It's the perfect size for my little ones to cuddle with or cover up with while sitting on the couch. I love it and it is easily one of the nicest gifts I have ever been given. Thank you so much, Amelia!

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