October 15, 2008


Another blogger, I don't remember who or I would link, talked about Facebook - how joining it has helped her find all the people from her past - and how most of them did the same sort of thing since high school --> marriage, jobs, kids, etc.  But there are always one or two that DID not settle down.  I have an acquaintance like this.  She most certainly has not settled down.  And at 35, she appears to have the most glamorous life.  As I am here, wiping milk out of BabyJ's watermelon (why does she always dump her milk into her food),  trying to get ToddlerT to eat, and squeeze in some work while they are strapped in their seats, she has upload pics of her most recent weekend away (which appears to be every weekend) in Miami.  Clubbing, fancy dinners, nice beautiful clothes, posh hotels.  Champagne out of beautiful crystal.  Sigh.  There most certainly are many different roads to travel, eh?

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