November 25, 2008

Service Review: Disney's PHOTOPASS

This is a free service offered by DisneyWorld for all ticket holders. When you visit a character, they have a pro there to take your picture. Then he scans a credit-card-type card and hands it to you. It is linked to all the pictures the pro just took. As you see other pros and characters around they park they will link THEIR photos to the same card.

When you get online, you type in your card code and POOF! There are all your pictures! Since last year, they've made vast improvements in their website and system.

** Now you can flag pictures as favorites for review later.
** You can share your pictures with friends/relatives - you can share all or just a segment.
** You can purchase all kinds of photo sizes and picture items - ornaments, mugs, shirts, posters, calendars.
** You can add graphics to the pictures - the pictures "know" which character is in the shot and so one of the choices is always that character's autograph. Also, a year stamp, a DisneyWorld stamp and a variety of other icons.
** You can also edit the pics there as well.
** You can upload your own photos to be printed as well as have borders/graphics added.

And my new favorite feature - HOW TO FIND LOST PHOTOS!
After we had seen a bunch of new characters on a new card, we forgot to get our card back from the pro!! OH NO! We had pics of Bolt, Sorcerer Mickey, Frozone and Minnie on there! Well, if you goto the kiosk they can search by time of photo, area of photo and characters seen! They found our pictures!!

Also, this year you can purchase some frames online. The selection is not huge, but it's an improvement over the NONE offered last year!

If you hit a Disney park, DO THE photopass thing. If nothing else, you'll have awesome pics to share, even if you don't buy any - but I bet you do end up buying some!!

(This is not a paid advertisement!)

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