November 04, 2008


My mom went to her voting place at SIX a.m. and did not get to vote for 90 minutes!  The line, at 6, was THAT LONG!  OH MY!

Good job getting out there to vote people!!  This is awesome!


docgrumbles said...

wow - I guess I should REALLY be grateful that I only had to stand in a line of TWO!

Yes, people, even if you aren't lucky like me, VOTE!!!

Natalia said...

I walked right up and voted at 7:45am this morning. No line at all. I was surprised. Maybe all the hype about long lines have scared would be voters away. I have never missed an opportunity to express my right to vote in any election I was eligible to. Presidential elections are like church on Easter, some people only show for the big events.

On a pitiful note, I received an email that turned out to be a hack in the system of a major university telling all of us that the election had been moved to tomorrow. I also heard about some people being told republicans vote on Tuesday and democrats on Wednesday -- due to the expected volume. Pitiful.